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Exclusive: Chit Chat's Growth and Impact on Women In Hip Hop

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with a visionary, entrepreneur, media maven, and overall BOSS, Miss Chit Chat. Join me as we take a deep dive into her journey and success!

During our conversation, we delved into the founding and evolution of her platform dedicated to female hip hop artists. Chit Chat shared that she started the platform in 2016/2017 after noticing the lack of media attention given to female rappers at the time. Since then, her platforms have grown into a vibrant space highlighting emerging talent and fostering discussions about hip hop culture. We talked about how rewarding the journey has been, especially seeing the success of artists she previously featured.

Navigating Hip Hop Challenges and Positivity

Of course we touched on the challenges and strategies involved in building relationships and maintaining positivity in the hip hop industry, particularly for women. Chit Chat recounted her experience and the hurdles she faced in managing relationships and avoiding drama within the industry. We also talked about the industry's evolution—how it has become more inclusive of female artists but also increasingly focused on personality and lifestyle. She emphasized that hard work is essential to overcoming talent and thriving in this competitive landscape.

Her Annual Showcase and Future Plans

She shared her experiences planning and curating the annual showcase, describing it as both a rewarding and challenging process. Looking ahead, she is excited about launching a performance series for her media platform, of opening her brand new content studio in Jersey and upcoming 'Girl Chat' Concert Series. Balancing these projects is no small feat, but her dedication remains unwavering, and she's enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Female Rappers, Content Studio, and 2024 Top Picks

Our conversation then shifted to the importance of maintaining professional relationships and creating a safe space for emerging female rappers. Chit shared her efforts to establish a content studio as a hub for these artists. Chit Chat listed her top five female rappers to watch in 2024, and mentioned that JT is one of the many artists on her radar.

Female Rappers, Authenticity, and Industry Culture

Touching on the challenges and potential dangers faced by female rappers at the start of their careers, Chit Chat advised on the importance of integrity, authenticity, and consistency. She also emphasized focusing on career while cautioning against romantic relationships with managers or industry figures. Despite these challenges, we agreed that the current era is rich with female rap talent.

Chat Room Culture and Music Projects

Lastly, we discussed the growth of and the culture, as well as the future of music projects. Chit shared her intention to executive produce a DJ mixtape featuring various artists from the city.

I wish we had more time ! I'm so excited to see Chit Chat's continued growth and impact on female hip hop and wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

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