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Another successful Panel Discussion Down!

Media Personality and Content Creator, Scottie Beam , sat down for an intimate conversation at NYC’s SONY Square about her journey through the media industry. ‘Scottie Beam earned her start on-air with Hot 97’s morning show “Ebro in the Morning”, Scottie quickly turned her social media magnetism into partnerships with leading brands like as Nike, BET, Twitter, Essence and Billboard. She also produces her own monthly concert series Who’s Next Live, has partnered with Twitter for her own monthly Q+A sessions called Scottie Feedback, developed bi-weekly playlists reaping over 5 million impressions, and is a co-host of The Black Girl Podcast in addition to having her own show on Satori Radio. Her love for music and extensive musical knowledge has garnered her interviews with top entertainers like Nas, Rick Ross, Pusha T, Chanel Iman, Joey Bada$$ and more.’

Everything Girls Love

While speaking on her road to success, Scottie shared some important gems for Young Black Women in Media. Here’s what we learned:

  1. “Grinding” doesn’t just include getting the work done. Grinding requires research”.

2. A Mentorship relationship should not be forced. Scottie explained that her Mentor, Ebro, came into her life organically. It is extremely important to be cautious about who is allowed into one’s space. Don’t just approach anyone to be a mentor and don’t be so forthcoming with intimate details about goals and aspirations.

3. The best way to battle self doubt is to not think about it so much. If a great opportunity comes along, just say yes! When a person dwells on their thoughts, they have the ability to psych themselves out of taking chances and conquering their fears. Fear is a very hard thing to face, however, its better to take that leap without thinking sometimes.

4. Being a full time Entrepreneur is extremely difficult. It is best to save up and invest in one’s self before making the transition from working a day job into becoming your own boss.

5. Black Women are the #1 targeted audience because we are the most loyal consumer and customer!

Remember this ladies!

Women’s Month has been successfully closed out with The Culture Collab! Be sure to follow and keep up them on all social media platforms for upcoming events.

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor

Instagram: @NoveeRose

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