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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Ms Minnie. [Photograph] retrieved on May, 7, 2016 by: Ms.Minnie

The purpose of the Women In Entertainment platform is to speak with Women from all areas of the Industry and share their profound stories. Ms. Minnie became one the first contributors back in 2016, as she embarked on the new journey of Celebrity. Though it is a tragedy that her life was cut short, it is a also t a blessing to be able to share her thoughts and feelings authentically & keep her legacy alive. Relive one of the happiest periods of her life below, and continue to keep her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

NR: Hi Miss Minnie! We are so excited to speak with you! First off, we have to talk about all of your current success! How has life been since becoming a star of such a unique platform?

Ms. Minnie: My life has changed tremendously. I can't go to the store by myself without someone noticing me.

NR: You're often referred to as the mother figure on the show, does that make it harder for you to open about your life with the other ladies?

Ms. Minnie: Yes, they call me the Mama Bear and I feel that's a big role so with that I have to stay humble and also put what I'm going through too the side to help my girls.

NR: Is life as a "little person" really as different as people would think?

Ms. Minnie: Yes, life as a little person is harder than a normal size person. We have everyday struggles like reaching for things, people staring at us and people talking about us because of our height.

NR: A little birdie told us that you are launching a clothing line in the near future! Tell us about it!

Ms. Minnie: Yes I'm coming out with a clothing line in the near future and it's for curvy women. As you can see I'm a curvy woman myself and at times its hard for us to find clothing that can fit us comfortably and correctly. So yes Ms. Minnie is having a fashion line out soon.

NR: What else can fans expect from Ms. Minnie this year?!

Ms. Minnie: Fans can expect many things in the future for Ms.Minnie. Just know MsMinniedoesn't sleep cause I'm always coming up with ideas. So to my fans #TEAMMINNIE just buckle your seat belt and take this ride with me (laughing)

NR: We wish you nothing but continued success.

Ms. Minnie: Thank you and I want everyone to remember to watch Little Women Atlanta Wednesdays @10pm/9c on Lifetime

Production on Season 6 Of Little Women Atlanta is reportedly delayed due to Pandemic restrictions.

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