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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

“Livin’ out loud and loving it!” If Kami had to write a slogan for herself that would be it.

Kami Simmons is an innovative millennial host and reporter with 3 years of entertainment, broadcast media and multimedia content producing an experience in her undergraduate, graduate career and now career, specializing in social media, audience engagement, creativity, and innovation. She aims to utilize her expertise in storytelling by creating engaging, shareable, creative, mobile and digital video content. Major achievements include saving radio time by 30% in preparation for an evening iHeart Media show and assisting a Twitter ad campaign for a Voice of America radio production (thereby increasing followers by 50%). She has worked for iHeart Media, the Voice of America international broadcasting company, the White House and CNN. She has video production and editing skills including writing, programming and time management. Kami is also credited with productions of award shows including the Billboard Music Awards, Viacom's BET Honors, Nickelodeon HALO Awards and NBCUniversal Telemundo's Premios Tu Mundo Awards. She also has experience as a commentator on TMZ. In addition, she has hosted her own radio show, the Trensetta Lounge on her college radio station, WJMD. With her wide range of experience, she has worked alongside some of the biggest names within the world of television, media, entertainment and within the public policy realm.

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