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Authentically Amira

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

To say it was a pleasure to connect with Amira Unplugged is a true understatement. Women who embrace their individuality and stand on it?

We love those!

This rising star just completed MTV’s Becoming A Popstar, where she solidified herself as an artist, garnering a huge fan base by simply sharing her talents! The singer, songwriter and spoken word artist is just getting started! Amira’s story is a unique one, as she has conquered many obstacles as a muslim woman, authentically breaking into the music industry. All signs point to her success as she shared a number of details about her experience as a contestant on the popular show, her background and immense plans for the future!

On the show we had a chance to watch Amira collaborate with different artists, perform original content, and the process behind it all! Versatility is nothing new for this Queen and it is clear that her voice is truly a gift. She provided full insight into how music has always been embedded in her, as well as her decision to leave law school behind and pursue music full time! In case you missed it, catch up with our IG Live !

Amira’s most recent features include Essence, Sheen Magazine, and Shadow and Act! Be sure to keep up with her journey to stardom here!

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