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Issa Rae and Talitha Watkins Partner With Tubi, To Launch STUBIOS For Black Creatives

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I know that's right! Issa Rae has proven herself to be the "gift that keeps on giving" for black creatives! ColorCreative, the production and management company founded by Issa and co-founder Talitha Watkins, has recently partnered with Tubi, to launch Stubios. Their collaboration will give fans of first time filmmakers and creators the opportunity to contribute to the creative process, with support and mentorship from the ColorCreative team.

A direct reflection of Issa's start in the business with YouTube, sharing her narratives well before major Hollywood studios took notice. As highlighted by HuffPost editor Phil Lewis in his newsletter:

"Tubi has evolved beyond being just a streaming service for entertainment enthusiasts; it has become a platform for independent Black filmmakers to exhibit their artistic work."

The application period officially became available this month, allowing applicants to easily apply directly from their smartphones. Similar to its approach with viewers, Tubi aims to connect with aspiring filmmakers right where they are through Stubios.

Issa recently explained to Essence why she and Watkins chose Tubi for the partnership:

“They've excelled in recognizing their audience, nurturing that audience, and now, they're significantly reinvesting in that audience, “They're not only investing in the audience itself, but they're also empowering creators to produce substantial content tailored for that audience. What's particularly impressive is that they're entrusting the audience to determine the value of the work generated through this program, which fosters a meaningful relationship between creators and their audience—an aspect that often goes overlooked. It's about democratizing the process, much like how I navigated my own journey in the digital realm. What truly stands out to me is their tangible commitment to supporting black audiences and audiences from diverse backgrounds, a commitment that will be reflected in the creators they select.”

If this currentlt fits your description, apply here!

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