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President Of ABC News, Kim Godwin Retires From The Business

She is the first black woman to lead a network news division and after 10 years, she has respectfully retired from Broadcast Journalism. In her departing message, she thanked her team:

"It's both a privilege and a debt to those who chipped away at the ceiling before me to lead a team whose brand is synonymous with trust, integrity and dogged determination to be the best in the business"

Godwin's legacy is filled with substancial success as she previously working at the top 3 TV networks, (CBS, NBC & ABC) and 10 local news stations. After leading station programs like 'World News Tonight' and 'Good Morning America' at ABC, she gracefully left it on this note:

"I leave with my head held high and wish the entire team continued success."

Kim Godwin's position has been filled by Debra O'Connell who was brought in by the network parent comapny, Walt Disney Co and will now oversee the news division.

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