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New Housewives are ready to steal hearts!

EGL recently chatted with the cast of BRAVO’s newest addition! The ladies of Potomac exclusively discussed the new show, their transition into Reality TV, and much more! Get to know, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and Robyn B Dixon below .

NR:For those who have not seen the show, how do you guys think it differs from the rest of the franchise ?

Robyn: “I think every franchise individually is different. You know when you have a different group of women and a different city, it’s going to be that way. I think what makes us really unique, is, One: we have a really wide range of ages. We have Ashley, who is 27, we have 27s, 30s, 40s & 50s. We also have true friendships, long standing friendships. Charisse and I have been friends for 13 years, so that makes it very unique, because you don’t get to see that often. “

NR: We always like to ask about first experiences. How are you all adjusting to Reality Television?

Gizelle: “I can say that it IS an adjustment. Anybody that says its not, is NOT telling the truth. It’s a huge adjustment because it’s not just the cameras. It’s the crew, it’s a lot of people. But then for me, after like, a week or so, it just clicked. The fact that the cameras were there, I didn’t really notice anymore. So, as far as this being the first time? I can say that, definitely our production and crew were phenomenal and I definitely appreciated that. To work with the rest of the cast and go down this road with friends is a beautiful thing. “

Ashley: ” I think the biggest thing, is like, being so vulnerable with the world. You know? The fact that we opened ourselves and our lives to some of the mistakes that we’ve made and some great things that has happened in our lives, everything is really showcased. There was really no filter In that. People will really get to see our lives and who we are as people. “

NR: Gizelle, a lot of women go through the changes of divorce, what is it that you want to get across to the audience or people that might be look to you for positive reinforcement?

Gizelle: “Just that! There is life after divorce. My ex husband & I have been divorced for about 8 years so we are kind of like, Pros at it, so to speak, as it relates to co parenting our kids. A lot of times when we spend time together, people don’t even realize that we are divorced, because we’re friends. I think that I would love for people to understand that, if your going to co parent and if you are really going to try and raise your kids the right way, the relationship starts with the person you divorced. The friendship HAS to be there in order for everybody to be healthy and happy. I would really encourage people to get there. If you’re not there, I understand it’s difficult, but just try to get there.”

NR: I imagine that Potomac has not seen this kind of attention before. How is it now? Are you ladies getting different reactions while walking down the street or going places? Is it positive, is it negative……

Gizelle: ” I can say that It is actually very humbling. It’s been overwhelming encouraging. When I walk down the street, people are so happy about the show and getting to know us !”

Robin: “The reaction is great! You it’s weird, I think people don’t really expect to run into me , alt least in places like Walmart or whatever. So, it’s not like we are getting attacked or people are like, screaming or running after us, people quietly acknowledge us and tell us that they like what we are doing, or they like the show or stuff like that.”

NR: Charisse, I really wanted to talk to you about all of your efforts in the community. Can you shed light on that ?!

Charisse: ” Right now I’m working on a project, ‘Men Against Breast Cancer’ which is an organization that teaches men how to be caregivers for their wives who have Cancer & various fund raisers that I’ve helped them with. Now I’m working on one that’s more, health related. Also, I am the Interim President of the National Basketball Wives Association. I just came back from Toronto, where I raised money for The Sick Kids Hospital. It was a shopping event, so that was cool & the children’s hospital was able to benefit greatly from that. I also do community service with the NBA as well, so while I was in Toronto we actually did some can good divisions, that was hard work. This Just my usual grind, aligning myself with charities, you know, hopefully I get to start my own non profit eventually. “

NR: Is there anything else about the show that you would like to get out there?

Charisse: ” You know, I hope when people view the show, If they can see the positive things that are coming from each of the different story lines because they are different, but , at the same time, there are learning experiences in all of them. I’m hoping that the viewers can get those experiences and be inspired in some kind of way, whether it’s trying to start a new business, like what Ashley is doing, or whatever it is that they are trying to do. Let the show serve as some sort of inspiration to help them.”

NR: It’s always a good thing to look at the positive, however, unfortunately with reality TV, drama and negativity are always highlighted. I know you guys are good friends, do you all have a system as to how you guys are going to deal with things in front of the cameras? Or will you let things happen naturally?

Gizelle: “We let it happen organically! We don’t have conversations off camera prior to filming, No. We deal with things as we would whether the cameras are there or not.”

NR: I ask because unfortunately, things happen with Reality TV and we’ve seen a lot of friendships dwindle on the other franchises…..

Robyn: “We’re all in this journey. This is all new to us, but hopefully we can all maintain our genuine friendships and not let the riggers of reality TV get to us. We always just have to keep in mind that we were friends before this all started & hopefully we can keep that in the front of our minds.”

NR: Definitely! Is there anything that we should be looking forward to from you guys in the near future?

Charisse: “From the show’s perspective, we do have a cast trip. That’s always fun and entertaining. And I think you’ll see some good stuff! You have to stay tuned!”

There you have it! Be sure to tune into Real Housewives Of Potomac every Sunday at 9pm on BRAVO!

Written by: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor

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