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LAGOS stand up!

DJ Cuppy is successfully building an International brand while staying true to her Lagos roots! Her debut record, “Greenlight” has already garnered 2 million views on YouTube and is quickly making its way around the Africanairwaves! Cuppy is no stranger to the Music Industry; having years of hustle under her belt. She began her career in London then made her way to the States and landed an internship with Roc Nation in 2015. Since then she’s been featured on Forbes, Vogue, & Financial Times. To add to an already impressive resume, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Music while starring as the main DJ on MTV’s “Uncommon Sense’. Cuppy has performed at SXSW Festival and continues to make work appearances in America!

We recently caught up with the Music Producer/ Songwriter during her trip to NYC where she received The Artistic Achievement Award from her Alma Mater, NYU University!

DJ Cuppy. Photograph retrieved from Instagram : @CuppyMusic on November 20,2018

In addition to speaking about her career with EGL, Cuppy candidly shared her thoughts on the sudden the rise of Afrobeats in America. Artists such as Drake and French Montana have helped the sound become a phenomenon on the Billboard Charts and as a proud African, Cuppy says it’s been a long road!

“It’s so different now. I remember when I first started DJ’ing, I use to have to beg to play one record and now a lot of the things I do & opportunities I get are because I’m African. What was once different about me has now become my superpower, Afrobeats.”

Listen to Cuppy speak on the genre, her career & much more below

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