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Flashback Feature: Beyonce's Stylist, Ty Hunter Talks About His New Fashion Line, 'With Passion'

[2014] While covering the 2014 Ween Awards for EGL, I had the pleasure of chatting with the man who is known for Bey’s iconic style! He is now thriving as a fashion designer ‘With Passion’! Here is why you should check for it!

The night was all about the women, but the man behind the biggest female superstar’s look had to come out and support. Ty Hunter graced the pink carpet and spoke with EGL about his popular new clothing line, “With Passion”!

“You know on social media, nobody knows, but the quotes and stuff that I put up are literally from me and I realized in my travel that people come to me and say ‘you help me get through this, I’m such a fan of your work, not just because of you being Beyonce’s stylist, but because you helped me get out of the darkness’ and I always put the exclamation point, you know, and so I met with the ServedFreshed people. A lot of people wanted to do deals with me and everything, but it’s just something about the ServedFreshed brand, and meeting them, I’m about energy. And we just sat down and I came up with the sketches and we came up with this great thing that has taken off. Naomi Campbell just wore my shirt yesterday, and you know, I’m very humbled and blessed. I’m so happy.”

On if he feel pressure coming from his notable work with Queen Bey:

“No! That’s the thing, that’s why I did like the small brand, something really simple, something that was unisex, I didn’t want [to] come out with high fashion or something that people expected and I just wanted to come out with something that linked my fan base to me, to let them know that I care. It’s been so positive.”

Will Ty plan to move “With Passion” to high fashion? Here’s why he says no:

“I kind of like the feel of it, the way it is. We are going to be doing something where we do some nude pieces, but little bit more high fashion, limited exclusive pieces that we are going to do every other Thursday. I don’t want to be too serious, I just want to keep it positive and keep it affordable for the those who follow me and everything”.

Chris Brown, Trina, and many more have shown support of the new collection!

With such a sweet and humble spirit, it’s not hard to see why he continues to shine! Congratulations Ty!

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