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What better way to start out the evening with a 45-minute private viewing of the highly anticipated “Secrets” movie promo tour in Harlem, New York. EGL was there to capture every moment and exclusive interviews with the cast and producers behind the film. We can say, from the audience response, we were left on edge. Three words to describe this fascinating film: Sexy, Scandalous, more secrets!!! We have to give a shout out to Executive Producer unconventional, yet self driven, Tressa Smallwood for her amazing work on the film. Let’s not forget glamorous, self confident Tamara Lee, who did a phenomenal work on costume and wardrobe.

EGL’s very own Associate Entertainment Editor, Novia Rose, and Bershawn Shaw were the moderators for the event. We had a sit down with the well-chosen cast for a Q and A session. One audience member ask Denyce Lawton,

“How you prepare for the sex scene?”

She replied, “I really really love that he as a director wanted to talk to me about certain scenes that was originally written because it was written A LOT different… (laughs) You know, I have a lot of nieces and nephews that do watch my films. I also sometimes play a younger character so because of that I personally have some restrictions of things I’m uncomfortable with. At this point in my career. I really love that everyone from Tressa to Jerry to even makeup and the glam squad to all the producers that had input on everyday scene and the director. Everyone was ok with my, you know, uncomfortability and they worked with me and so there wasn’t much uncomfortableness because the lead character Herald House Moore, who did an awesome job. House actually did a couple of episode I was on, we played more like we were kind of like brothers and sisters in a know what I mean so to come on this film and even have to kiss each other was like first of all where’s your medical papers? (Laughs)..umm I’m so serious like all the guys, I was like I’m ganna need all the checkup papers, here am I! So that was the first thing I had to feel comfortable with. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a significant other? Are they uncomfortable with certain things? I don’t do tongue so don’t try to slip it, you know there’s a lot of questions that goes into stuff like that and this gentleman right here ( director, Juwan Lee) made it very easy to do ALL OF MY INTIMATE scene in the movie. He shut production down umm and he made me very comfortable and it was only the people that was supposed to be in the scene in there so it wasn’t no peep show, porno, simulated soft porn or anything…so”

The movie urges you to reexamine your life and tugs at your emotions. Supporting cast did an amazing job, Dennis L.A. White plays “Grimey Ass Jay (funny) (Jenkins) ” lol, his words. Oscar Gary ( first time in a major movie role and did very well) plays Kurt, the sounding voice in the crew, Damien Lemon (hilarious) plays tweet. Everyone brought their talents to this movie and it outstanding. Secrets will be coming to a city near you!

Please follow their Instagram page @thesecretsmovie

Written By: Cynthia Casimir

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