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Flashback: Nightmare on Hollywood Blvd: Exclusive Interview With 90’s Diva, Adina Howard!

“……this industry that so many people are fighting to get into, doesn’t give a dog darn about you. It don’t like you, It don’t love you, the only thing it wants is for you to do something for it….-”

Along with her debut album, “Do You Wanna Ride?” she had one of the BIGGEST hits back in 1995 with her single “Freak Like Me” A guaranteed jumper on any throwback playlist or any party; however over the years it is evident that the singer took a huge step back from the industry. EGL recently had the opportunity to speak with Howard on her journey and current successes!

Adina continues to rock out concerts and bring back irreplaceable memories for her fans, but in this conversation she definitely opened up about the side of the music business that is often ignored and served as proof of not being an artist that was forgotten by the industry BUT rather, a woman that chose to live life for herself and not for the love of fame……..

Hi Adina! How are you? It’s been a while and fans definitely miss you! I have to ask, what have you’ve been up to?

“Well I just graduated from Culinary School almost a couple of years ago, so I now have my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. I am a Chef. I personally say I ‘m a cook but I am called a Chef. I’m married now, I got married in 2011. So I got married October 3, 2011 and I walked the stage actually, October 22nd. So I’m, YOU KNOW, Married and educated. Just living and .loving life, being blessed and marinated in favor….. his[GOD] favor that is.”

That’s the best way to be isn’t it?

“Oh, yes! Absolutely. So you know it’s one of those things that even though I’m not in the public eye per say, life still goes on. It doesn’t stop because people don’t know where I’m at and what I’m doing.”

Well we wouldn’t say that, we think that people are definitely curious to know whats going on….

“People are nosy girl. They don’t care; people just want to be in the know. It don’t matter what it is. Hence, why reality shows are so popular.”

Your video for your single “Nasty Grind” definitely gives up classic Adina, but it’s certainly a change from your earlier days. How have you evolved as an artist?

“Aww man. As an artist I’ve grown in the sense that, I mean I’m not 21 anymore. I’ve matured. What I use to do back then, I don’t do now. What I talked about back then, I don’t necessarily address now, and if I do address it, it’s going to be in a different manner. I’m still a woman, I’m still a very sexual woman, I’m a Scorpio. But now, with that topic, it’s more about me being with my husband, versus just being with my dude, you know what I mean.”

Hence why we say “Classic” because its still sexy but not like what we would see in “Freak Like Me” ...

“Right, I’m committed now. I’m not a commitment phob anymore.”

You’re committed and different now but, how excited do your fans get when you perform “Freak Like Me” and “T- Shirt and My Panties”? Is it still the same reaction?

“It is! It is! It’s crazy because I just had a show not too long ago in Sacramento, and no sooner than I got on the stage, they were like; I wanna hear “Freak Like Me”! I’m like can I get through my set first? I mean Damn. (Laughs). Can we, you know this is foreplay, can we take it slow. Let me warm you up before we just go ahead and rock it like that. So they’re still excited, you know, because it’s a song that brings back memories for so many people. You know, whatever they were doing, whomever they were with, it brings back memories.”

“It’s a blessing because the memories for people who loved the song, they were positive. It’s very nostalgic and brings back the good old days. When I listen to the radio I still get excited about the 90’s and I’m not even listening to my own music!”

Up until last year, you took a little hiatus from the industry. Why the choice to step away from music?

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Written By: Novia Rose

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