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What can be more gratifying to a brand new actress than to have the reaction of passionate viewers basically go viral? POWERstar, Andrea-Rachel Parker recently told us all about her breakthrough performance as Destiny on the hit show ! Off the heels of an intense episode where her character was in invloved in a set up, fans, even

celebrities and media hosts have expressed their love/hate relationship with the rising star..

“Its been really fun, it’s exciting. I’m excited just to keep seeing the reactions from people. I was in a party the other day, and they were like, “I need a picture with you, but after we’re going to have to fight! LOL Because that’s how people feel about the characters, they love Raina, they love just having Ghost’s family together, so they are super upset right now.”

Andrea plans to keep this momentum going with her career!

“I’ve been acting for a while now, and so it’s really good to finally see that I’m getting to check off some of the accomplishments on my bucket list, but I definitely want to keep checking them off and hopefully get to the day when I can pick my own script! I want people to have me in mind as they’re writing and send it out to me to see what I think because in that sense I get to control my destiny. I’ll get to have moments and phases when I’ll really get to invest in a certain type of Drama, or maybe an Action role. I would really like that, its a big wish. I’m also slowly falling into the tech industry, so in about five years, I’ll be a tech-prenuer, that’ll be good.”

On adjusting to the Celeb lifestyle:

“Im chill. I’m not a celebrity, I never want to be looked upon as that. I always want to be able to go back home, I want to be able to be with my friends, I want to be able to have certain family outings. I don’t aspire to be that, though I know that what I want (having scripts being sent to me), comes with that, but I’m not in a rush to get that type of extra attention. I like where I’m at! It’s funny, I’m shooting the shit with people, we’re talking crap, having fun, I like to see that I did something on screen and people are really interested, they’re really talking about it, they really care. It’s just super humbling.”

On the most influential piece of advice she’s recieved from her female co-stars:

“I don’t know, I’ve hung out with Naturi at a press event, and it was kind of like we weren’t really talking about that. Angela and I, we’ve talked about astrology, love life and stuff like that. We step outside of the characters for a second. Everyone brings their A game, everyone has a sense of their character and the direction , that conversation happens before you get to set. A lot of the advice that I did get was from the Directors, writers and producers!……Destiny is being built, so we don’t see everything at once. So that gave me time to play with the character and get an understanding of it! So yea the conversations on set are more so fun!”

Well, guess what? That was a confirmation! Viewers will be seeing a lot more of Destiny! EGL can’t wait to see this Hollywood story unfold! Congratulations Andrea!

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate News Editor

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